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Benjamin Haber, a father of two children and a trusted Staten Island Lawyer, graduated from the Brooklyn Law School in 2001. He began his career in law as an associate at a prestigious law firm. After gaining significant experience in by practicing litigation, Mr. Haber opened up his own practice in Staten Island. In addition to his law firm experience as well as a private practice attorney, Mr. Haber dedicated more than a decade to representing children, in custody cases as well as child neglect cases. Haber is a member of the Richmond County Bar Association and has been admitted to practice both in New Jersey and New York.


Currently, Haber represents people going through contested as well as uncontested divorce, and covers almost all areas of family law. Are you wondering about the role a lawyer might play in an uncontested divorce? Being represented by a lawyer is important even when going through an uncontested divorce as even uncontested divorces are lawsuits. It would be a big risk if you decide handling such a divorce without advices from a qualified attorney. Mr. Haber not only helps his clients by putting together apt separation agreements, but also assists them in establishing suitable grounds for the divorce. This is important as the law doesn’t consider irreconcilable differences or incompatibility as divorce grounds. In addition, the lawyer also helps his clients in reaching a written agreement on vital issues like child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, property division etc.

Areas of Practice

Mr. Haber is particularly known for dealing with divorces involving children successfully. Children are the biggest victims of separation or divorce between their parents. So, issues like child visitation and child custody should always be dealt with extreme care. Being an attorney who has been handling cases that involved child neglect and post-divorce issues almost since the beginning of his career, Mr. Haber knows how to work out custody arrangement sensibly.

Other than matters involving children, division of marital property is possibly the most frequently disputed component of divorce. Over the years, Haber has helped a large number of people going through divorce in getting a fair deal when it comes to marital asset distribution.

Mr. Haber is a qualified and experienced family lawyer. This knowledge and experience allows him to help his clients in drafting and filing separation agreements. To date, he has helped people in a wide range of circumstances to file these agreements flawlessly.

Mr. Haber has also helped many in putting together marital agreements. Having a marital agreement might not be as common as having a separation agreement, but nowadays many are opting for it before tying their knot. When drafting prenuptial agreements, it’s extremely important to understand the priorities and goals of the parties involved. Mr. Haber, as a result of dealing with family law for several years, understands these factors aptly. Here, it has to be noted that you can contact Mr. Haber to have such an agreement drafted even after your marriage. Technically, such a document would be termed as “postnuptial agreement”.

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    Ben was great. I want to thank him for everything that he has done for me. I would highly recommend. Very honest and worked very hard on my case to ensure i got everything that I deserved.

    – Malgorzata Okrasinska

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