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In any divorce that involves children, issues of child custody and child visitation must be treated with extreme care and forethought. As an attorney who also deals with postdivorce issues and cases involving child neglect, I have a unique perspective on the importance of working out sensible custody arrangements that serve the best interests of the children.

In my experience, most divorcing mothers and fathers are sincerely concerned with the best interests of their children. This is also the priority of the courts that make custody decisions — but there are a lot of subjective judgments to be made along the way. I encourage you to contact me for a helpful, supportive discussion of your child custody and visitation concerns.

Custody Includes Decision-Making Authority

As in all aspects of family law, planning is essential. It is important to know that a custodial parent often has authority beyond providing residence for the children. He or she can also make most decisions about schooling, activities, religion and other aspects of life — independent of the noncustodial parent’s input or wishes.

Considering Both Mothers’ and Fathers’ Rights

It is a mistaken assumption to believe that mothers always get child custody. I have successfully argued and won numerous custody cases for fathers as well as mothers. Although it is still not the norm, joint custody — with a range of implications on residential arrangements and decision making — is being granted in an increasing number of New York divorce cases. In addition, the court may give serious consideration to the stated wishes of children at the age of 14 or older.

Building Your Case for a Favorable Custody and Visitation Arrangement

In order to help either a mother or father pursue child custody and visitation priorities, I listen and ask appropriate questions to get a strong sense of the overall family situation. This can enable us to build a compelling case for what is most important to you. And what will enable you to play the role that you want to in the lives of your children.

Working with a compassionate, knowledgeable attorney can help you focus on your own needs, form realistic expectations about child custody and visitation — and get results. Please contact my Staten Island office to arrange a free consultation if you are facing or considering a divorce involving children.

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