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Establishing short-term and longer-term goals is difficult for many men and women involved in contested divorce and other challenging family law matters. Fear and uncertainty about relationships with your children, finances and other important concerns can make clear thinking very difficult.

Discussing your realistic legal options and probable outcomes with a skilled lawyer can make it possible to regain your focus on the present and future. For a free initial consultation with an attorney who knows New York family law and will respect your individual needs, contact Benjamin Haber.

Reaching some level of agreement through negotiation is the best way to resolve most family law matters. My practice is committed to developing sound legal agreements that are acceptable for both parties. I offer experienced counsel in:

Your Resource for Separation Agreements or Prenuptials

For a variety of reasons, some couples choose to draft and file a separation agreement, rather than proceed with a divorce. Other couples decide before or after marriage that they require a document detailing property distribution; and other matters should the marriage end in divorce. I have the experience and focus to develop clear, legally valid separation agreements, as well as prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements designed to stand up to any legal challenge.

Legal Knowledge and Support in the Toughest Times

I strive to be a strong, compassionate advocate for my clients under the most difficult circumstances — including handling defense against allegations of child neglect or child abuse.

Whatever family law issue you are facing, you will need emotional support and legal counsel. Please contact me, attorney Benjamin Haber, on Staten Island to discuss your situation.

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