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Prenuptial Agreement Attorney on Staten Island, New York

Many people have excellent reasons to develop and form a prenuptial agreement that settles potential marital disputes before they arise. I have handled this entire legal process for many New Yorkers in a range of financial circumstances. I encourage you to contact me to discuss exactly what will be required for you.

As in other areas of family law, understanding your goals and priorities is critical to drafting a prenuptial agreement — or, technically, a postnuptial agreement if you are already married and have decided you need such a document. This process hinges on considerations such as:

  • How detailed you want your prenuptial agreement to be in its coverage of issues like property distribution
  • The value and complexity of the assets you want to address and protect within the prenuptial agreement
  • Special considerations or unique clauses you want included

My role as your lawyer is to listen carefully to your goals and priorities, and then proceed to develop an agreement that is sound in every respect. I strive to provide my clients with solid marital agreements that will hold up under legal challenge.

Prenuptial Agreements Are Not Only for the Wealthy

Whether you have been through a previous divorce or simply want to be realistic about all possibilities, forming a prenuptial agreement can be an excellent decision. contested divorce can be tremendously stressful and costly, whereas agreeing on what will happen should the marriage end may be neither of those. Many couples see it as a practical way to deal calmly and fairly with important issues.

You do not have to be rich for a prenup agreement or a postnup agreement to make sense for you. Perhaps you are just cautious and realistic, or feel very strongly about avoiding future disputes. Whether you want a detailed prenuptial agreement covering extremely valuable assets, or a basic document that establishes clear guidelines if divorce arises in the future, please contact me for capable legal counsel.

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