Post-Divorce Issues

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Divorce itself becomes final with a judgment and court order — but life and other family events continue, and requirements for you and your ex-spouse are subject to modification. In the years following your divorce, especially when children are involved, many circumstances will likely change in positive and negative ways.

If you see a need to modify aspects of your divorce settlement or need to pursue child support enforcement because an ex-spouse is not fulfilling court-ordered requirements, please contact me for legal help that can help you succeed.

Assisting You When Circumstances Change After Divorce

Substantial changes in the financial circumstances of either party may enable you to file an action to modify a stipulation of settlement. Common types of actions are for modification of:

  • Child support or maintenance — When either party loses a job, has ongoing financial circumstances dramatically improve, or when the needs of children change significantly, an action to modify support or spousal maintenance (once called alimony) may be justified
  • Child custody and visitation — When either party wants the right to greater involvement in a child’s life or believes that a change in circumstances prevents the current stipulations from being in the best interest of a child

Taking Action on Child Support Enforcement

I can also advise you on the proper legal means for compelling your ex-spouse to comply with stipulations of your settlement, as when the noncustodial parent is refusing to pay child support. You have several levels of recourse, including holding that ex-spouse in contempt of court.

When I serve as your lawyer in a divorce, custody dispute, child support enforcement action or any family law matter, we form a relationship that can continue when you must deal with a new need or problem. I understand that all types of changes can occur after divorce, requiring a custody modification or other change — and I know how to advise and represent my valued clients when they do.

Please contact me when you have questions or concerns about how to proceed when postdivorce issues, such as child support enforcement arise.

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