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Attorney for Equitable Property Distribution in New York Divorces

Aside from issues involving children, marital property division is probably the most commonly disputed aspect of divorce. As an experienced New York divorce lawyer, I have helped clients in all types of economic circumstances fight for fairness in the marital distribution of assets. Contact me for legal counsel that can save you money and positively impact your financial future.

Divorcing couples who may already find it difficult to communicate often disagree intensely about which party is entitled to any of a wide range of assets and objects. Our New York courts aim for equitable distribution of assets — but actual marital property division often depends on each party’s level of preparation.

A Lawyer Who Will Establish and Fight for Your Rights to Property

In preparing for your contested divorce case, we will take key steps in pursuit of your marital property division/distribution goals, including:

  • Establishing proof of sole ownership for property you believe belongs to you as a nonmarital asset
  • Ensuring all marital assets subject to distribution in the divorce, including homes, land, valuables and financial assets, such as retirement accounts, are valued fairly and properly
  • Pursuing inclusion of assets you believe are marital property but are being claimed as nonmarital by your spouse

Divorces involving disputes over marital property division — like those in which child custody and visitation are hotly contested — can become time-consuming, stressful and costly. If such a dispute is possible in your divorce case, it is critical to have an experienced, trustworthy attorney who will not pressure you to invest more than the assets themselves are worth.

Whether you have marital assets worth thousands or millions, you may find it necessary to build a strong case for your own rights. To put experience and skill in these matters on your side, contact Benjamin Haber — a Staten Island family law attorney who will fight for your rights.

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