Same-Sex Divorce

Same-sex divorce may be the only option after your relationship has developed irreconcilable differences. Just like opposite sex marriages, you need to put things in order for your same sex divorce to work well. You need to have a professional family lawyer help you draft prenuptial agreement. I’ Benjamin Haber who is renowned family lawyer and I’m willing to help you get all the necessary legal papers required to put an end to your same sex marriage which is not working.

I can help you handle all the divorce agreement. Starting from prenuptial to postnuptial agreements I can handle them. You need to sort things out so that each one of you can walk out of the marriage when fully satisfied. The roles each one of you will play after divorce will be well captured in the separation agreement. I handle all the technical details and later explain to you what you will be supposed to do. You will never get stranded if you decide to work with me in your divorce settlements. Some of the areas I tackle in the same-sex divorce include the following processes.

Property Distribution Issues

During divorce the property you co-owned should be distributed fairly. In my drafting of the divorce papers I always take into consideration different factors so that each of you will walk out of the marriage while satisfied with the amount he or she will receive upon divorce. To arrive in the best conclusion as far as property distribution is concerned; I always take into consideration the views of the parties involved so that you are left with the best distributions of property.

Addressing Assets within the Prenuptial

Different same-sex divorce cases have their own levels of complexity. There are some cases which are very complex and they need careful drafting of the prenuptial papers which will capture all the assets involved in the marriage I will not let you down upon informing me about the way you would like the assets to be distrusted. Making my clients achieve the highest level of satisfaction is my main goal in tackling the cases.

I Work Towards Making You Leave the Marriage While Fully Satisfied

There are issues you may have covered in your prenuptial agreement. If you had covered in details what should happen during divorce, then I will go into details and ensure each process you agreed on is well captured in your divorce process. You should be in a marriage which you enjoy. If things are not working and the best option is to quit, I will help you have the most convenient process of ending your times.

Fair Pricing

All my family lawyer prices are very fair. For the case of same-sex divorce, you will be surprised to find out I’m the most reliable and at the same time the best family lawyer you can work with in your divorce case. Each process is taken into consideration to ensure the quote you receive is the fairest. Try my services and you will be fully satisfied.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Ben was great. I want to thank him for everything that he has done for me. I would highly recommend. Very honest and worked very hard on my case to ensure i got everything that I deserved.

– Malgorzata Okrasinska

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